John "Sparky" Allen--was married to Lou Anne Geary at his death on 12-17-1991
Shirley M. Allen
Josephine Arnold Frame--residing in Ridgefield, CT--family info 
Bernard J. Austin--lives in Winchendon, MA
Diane Avon
Margaret "Peggy" Barnes--lives in Litchfield, CT--family info 
Linda Beasley Hawkins--was living in East Syracuse, NY at her death on 4-6-2003--family info
Suzanne Becker--lives in DeWitt, NY, and Cottonwood, AZ--family info
Joanne Berardi Boak--residing in Phoenix, NY, and works for the Phoenix school system--family info
Peter "Steve" Bernardelli--works for Xerox Corp. and lives in Marietta, GA
Eileen Bissetta McEntee--lives in Jamesville, NY
Erwin S. Bloom--retired from the National Institutes of Health, lives now in Lake Worth, FL
Lawrence M. Bohne--lived in Chicago but died in Buffalo on 12-2-1974
Elizabeth "Betty" Bond Snyder--realtor, living in Broomfield, CO--family info
Sharon Branigan Bedford--owned a personnel firm in Newburyport, MA, at her death on 6-25-2006
Ann H. Brennan--lives in DeWitt, NY
Louise Brown Smith--living in Manlius, NY--family info
Ellsworth "Rodney" Bucklin--lives in Anderson, SC--family info
Barbara Bunn Clarke--lives in Cazenovia--family info
Robert W. Burns--thought to be living in Paris, France
Sarah "Sally" Burrows Riley--semi-retired R.N. specializing in rehab work, lives in Hudson, FL--family info
Theodore Calver--retired USAF officer, now landscape architect in Williamsburg, VA
Sandy Casinella Guile--lives in Murfreesboro, TN
June Cassidy DeCann--physics teacher, living in Charlotte, NC
Carol Chamberlin Myers--lives in Summerton, SC--family info
Phyllis Crosby White--teaches flute and lives in Colorado Springs, CO
Carol Ann Crowley Dorey--believed residing in Fayetteville, NY
Peter Dardaris--living in Liverpool, NY
John J. DaRin--resides in Atlanta, GA--family info
Frank N. DeLong--lives in Leavenworth, WA--family info
Henry K. Dewey--cancer researcher living in Geneva, Switzerland, at his death on 10-23-1980
Rosalie Dinino Schupp--residing in Liverpool, NY
Lawrence "Dick" D'Orazio--living in Jamesville, NY
Virginia Duncan Mac Donald--wed late Bill Mac Donald (J-D '56)--possibly living in Crescent City, FL-family info
Nancy Eggers Beilstein--accountant, lived in California 26 years before her death in Tustin on 6-7-1997--family info
Joan Fairbank Massett--retired nurse, lives in Canastota, NY
Ronald Fairbank--retired Product Manager for Carrier Corp., lives in Liverpool, NY--family info
Carol Falasco Coderre--living in Naples, FL
Ann Farnsworth Eck--lives in Moorestown, NJ and teaches foreign languages--family info
Peter M. Fietta--residing in Jamesville, NY
Elizabeth Ann Fisher--thought to be living in England
Diane Flaherty Redington--resided in North Bay, NY, at her death on 8-14-1998
Mary Franklin Barnes--resides in Roanoke, VA--family info
Barbara Frost Osborn--lives in Manlius, NY
Lou Anne Geary--wed to the late John Allen, was an x-ray tech, and died 3-18-2012, in Queen Creek, AZ--family info
John "Jackie" Graham--living in Kalispell, MT--family info
Brian D. Greer--resided in Atlanta, GA, at his death on 6-22-2000
Carolyn Hanford Pedersen--artist, living in Mannsville, NY
Ivor "Bud" Hanson--possibly residing in Broomfield, CO
Fredye Heinemann Blume--was an official of a printing company in Lexington, MA, now lives in Cary, NC
Daniel J. Herlihy--was an abstract clerk living in Jamesville, NY, at his death on 11-1-1989
Peyton D. Hills--involved in industrial sales, and resides in Syracuse, NY--family info 
Neil P. Hoffmann--partner in architectural firm in Philadelphia, lives in Bryn Mawr, PA--web sitefamily info
James F.  Hollington--operates Kemsley Machinery Co. and lives in Jamesville, NY
Harry R. Johnson--lives in Alpena, MI, retired from municipal service--family info 
Jayne Kemmerer Curry--lives in Edina, MN--family info
Raymond N. Kitt--lives in Sea Cliff, NY
Linda Larson VanAndel--lives in Ft. Pierce, FL, and Ellsworth, MI--family info
Michael Lawler--was the CEO of Mercy Hospital in Durango, CO, at his death on 9-19-1988--family info
Sheila Lemke House--resided in Williamstown, NY, died on 12-20-2008 from injuries sustained in an auto accident 
William P. Little--retired military, now owns computer sales firm and resides in Clearwater, FL
Dorothee McCormick Grossman--lives in East Syracuse, NY--family info
Charles P. McElroy--lives in Skaneateles, NY--family info
Charles B. Middleton--resides in North Syracuse, NY
George M. Minich--retired executive with the World Bank, residing in McLean, VA--family info
Carole Mitchell Carey--deceased--family info
Leonard "Danny" Mitchell--living in Marcellus, NY
William N. Momper--was a flooring contractor in Portland, OR, at his death on 12-5-2005
Patricia Motherwell  Ryan--lives in West Hartford, CT--family info
Thomas K. Mulvihill--lived in Cazenovia and had a dental practice in DeWitt at his death on 9-10-1979--family info
Sara M. Newton--lives in West Los Angeles, CA
Judy Ann Norton--residing in DeWitt, NY
Robert D. O'Neil--semi-retired real estate investor, lives near Lakeland, FL--family info
Ronald Owren--residing in Canandaigua, NY--family info
Charles H. Palin--retired veterinarian, living in Lafayette, NY
Donna May Parks Hawk--thought to be living in Lancaster, NY
William C. Price--hospital administrator in Auburn, NY
Patsy D. Quadrini--residing in Jamesville, NY
Jacqueline Quick Scripa--was living in Fairmount, NY, at her death on 2-18-2003
Rosalie Raps Melnick--Ph. D., taught at J-D in the 70's, active in little theater, and lives on Harstine Island in WA
Ann Rice--married Gary Grummonds,was a clerk, and lived in DeWitt at her death on 12-10-2012 
Margaret Rill--believed to be living in Dover, NH
James A. Robb, Jr.--wed Trina Schultz and lives in DeWitt, NY--family info
David L. Rodgers--lives in Roanoke, VA
Edward D. Rogers--resides in Rockford, MI, and works as a home remodeler--family info
Joel K. Rogers--married Sue Steitler and lives in Humble, TX--family info
Joyce Rounds Sanderson--lives in Parish, NY
Mary Jane Ruzekowicz Sheriff--lived in Elbridge, NY, at her death on 6-17-2010
Richard B. Salter--resides in Ossining, NY
Garratt M. Savage--living in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Richard R. Schad--residing in Chittenango, NY
George C. Schempp, Jr.--was working in TX as an executive with General Instruments at his death on 11-6-1993
Jeffrey S. Schoenfeldt--was a real estate agent and residing in Boca Raton, FL, at his death on 9-4-2007
Katherine "Trina" Schultz Robb--wed Jim Robb, was a nutritionist and lived in DeWitt at her death on 4-22-2011--family info
Roger Sherman--lives in Walnut Creek, CA
Lee Shultes Wilson--wed James Wilson and lives in Warrenton, VA, and Apex, NC
Judith A. Skelton--teacher living in Manlius, NY--family info
Leslie Smith Needham--resides in Larchmont, NY--family info
John R. Spofford--resides in Perkiomenville, PA
Anastasia "Ann" Staniec--an educator, living in Fayetteville, NY
Susan Steitler Rogers--married Joel Rogers and lives in Humble, TX--family info
Diane M. Stewart--lives in Clay, NY
Mary Alice Tierney
Lawrence A. VanAlstyne--works as an artist and lives in Skaneateles, NY--family info
Barbara Vanoss O'Brien Miller--lives in Conway, SC--family info
Dawn Verdow Olivadoti--lives in Jamesville, NY, and works as a teaching assistant 
Linda Vogel Malson--lived in Pitcher, NY, at her death on 1-13-2004--family info
Michael M. Ward--possibly living in Wappingers Falls, NY--family info
Michael S. Waters--recently retired Fire Coordinator for Onondaga County, lives in Fayetteville, NY--family info
Arthur W. Zachai--engineer and documentary photographer residing in Swampscott, MA
Jacqueline Zelesnik Wallace--lives in Hackettstown, NJ


Robert Andrews--lives in Jamesville, NY
John Baldwin--resided in Tully, NY and was a sales executive at his death on 10-14-1998--family info
Richard Beldon--resides in Cleveland, OH and works in the tech recruiting business
Cynthia Childs Over--lives in Venice, FL--family info
Patricia Coffman--resided in Glenwood, IA, at her death on 11-3-2002--family info
Nancy Copeland Foxman--believed to be residing in Berkeley, CA--family info
Sandra Cronk--authored books on Quaker theology before her death in NJ on 4-4-2000--family info
Thomas Curry--bridge professional, in Ithaca, NY---died 6-9-2012-- family info
Gordon E. "Ned" Druehl--real estate developer, living in Sonoma, CA
Adolph "Butch" Falso--resides in Manlius, NY, CEO of Seneca Data Dist.--family info 
Richard Greenwood--lives in Wayne, PA, English prof. at Montgomery County Community College
James Jacobs
Ray Lang--a contractor living in Athens, TX
Patricia Laws Dresner--lives in Houston, TX--family info
Patricia McGrath Flynn--retired and living in Pompey, NY
Gerald Molina--a journalist who resided in Merrimac, MA, before his death on 10-22-2004--family info
Judith Kay Moore Thompson--lives in Farmington, CT--family info
Timothy O'Day--was a civil engineer and lived in Pinehurst, NC at his death on 12-9-2010--family info
Kenneth Oschner--lives in Lafayette, NY
Cathy Parker Patel--lives in Orland Park, IL--family info
Susan Reisman--resides in Manlius, NY
Nann Sagenkahn Aronson--lives in Montreal, West, Quebec, Canada
Carl Salisbury--recently retired and living in Hastings, NY
Phillip "Pete" Seymour--product manager for U.S. Filter, lives in Asheville, NC--family info
Jay Swett--lives in Charlottesville, VA--family info
William Tanner--lives in Manlius, NY
William Truman--an investor living in Melvin Village, NH, and Key Largo, FL, at his death on 8-21-2004--family info
Earle "Duke" Watson--resided in Sherrill, NY, before his death on 4-08-2005--family info
James J. Wilson--married Lee Shultes and lives in Warrenton, VA, and Apex, NC
Class of 1960, Jamesville-DeWitt High School, DeWitt, NY
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